Today’s patients expect their healthcare providers to embrace technology and offer digital capabilities, especially when it comes to scheduling. Are you losing patients to providers who offer easy online scheduling?

Convenience &

The patient experience begins with scheduling. Empower your patients to book appointments 24/7/365, instead of just during business hours. No waiting on hold, no leaving messages, and no frustration.
Patients book with confidence directly on your website using their phone, tablet, or computer. There’s no app to download or logins to create. It’s that easy!

Seamless Integration With Your EHR

Appointments statuses are updated in your EHR/PMS in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates and ensuring you always have an accurate view of the schedule. Identifying cancellations earlier gives your staff more time to fill empty slots.
Integrations with Centricity and other top EHRs are available. Contact us today to see if our Appointment Reminders solution works with your EHR.

Fully Customizable

Our solution is adaptable to your hospital or practice’s needs.
You control which appointment times, types, and doctors are available to patients. Patients can quickly see available appointments by date, time of day, and more to find the time-slot that works best for them.

Get Results With Online
Appointment Booking

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The accessibility, ease of use, and convenience of online scheduling means your patients won’t ever hesitate to book an appointment. Plus, real-time updates to the schedule lead to more same-day appointments.


On average, staff members spend 7-8 minutes on each scheduling call. Manually updating the schedule takes even longer. Patient self-scheduling reduces the administration burden and frees up your staff to focus on higher value activities.

Improve Patient

Patients want to schedule their appointments whenever it’s convenient for them, and that’s not just during business hours. The ability to schedule appointments anytime with instant confirmations gives patients peace of mind and improves overall satisfaction.

Loaded With Great Features

  • 24/7/365 Patient Self-Scheduling
  • Real-Time Updates To Your EHR/PMS
  • Patients Book Directly On Your Site
  • Appointment Filters
  • Smart Scheduling Logic
  • Customized To Showcase Your Brand

Ready to simplify your scheduling and capture more revenue?

  • No implementation fees.
  • No contracts.
  • Cancel anytime.