Today’s patients use multiple digital channels and devices daily. Our multi-modal appointment reminders give you the ultimate patient communication tool. Choose the mode patients prefer and they’ll reward you by showing up for more appointments.

& Flexibility

Choose from voice calls in natural-sounding speech, SMS messages, or email reminders in English or Spanish. Patients can confirm their appointments immediately, or later at their convenience. Send your new patients welcome emails with important information and next steps for a smooth onboarding experience. With our eRx Reminders, you can even notify them when their prescription has been sent to the pharmacy.

Seamless Integration With Your EHR

Appointments statuses are updated in your EHR/PMS in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates and ensuring you always have an accurate view of the schedule. Identifying cancellations earlier gives your staff more time to fill empty slots.
Integrations with Centricity and other top EHRs are available. Contact us today to see if our Appointment Reminders solution works with your EHR.

Fully Customizable

Our Appointment Reminders solution is adaptable to your hospital or practice’s needs.
Every reminder is personalized for the patient and the provider, so your brand shines through with every touch. You can even choose which number to show on the caller ID, identifying your office and giving patients a direct callback number.

Get Results With Automated
Appointment Reminders

Fewer Missed

Appointment reminders have been proven to decrease no-show rates. By utilizing a combination of phone calls, text messages, and emails, you can reach your patients almost anywhere and increase the chances of them keeping their appointments.

Increased Profitability & Productivity

On average, staff members spend 1-2 minutes on each reminder call. Fielding callbacks and voicemail messages takes even longer. Automated reminders significantly reduce the administrative burden and free up your staff to focus on higher value activities.

Improve Patient

Patients love the ease of use and convenience of digital appointment reminders. Just like you, they have demanding schedules and they’ll appreciate that you value their time. Follow up with welcome emails and eRx notifications to show them just how much you care.

Loaded With Great Features

  • Multi-Channel Appointment Reminders
  • Real-Time Updates To Your EHR/PMS
  • New Patient Welcome Emails
  • Available In English & Spanish
  • eRx Status Notifications
  • Customized To Showcase Your Brand

Ready to cut down on missed appointments and grow your bottom line?

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